Sweet Nostalgia

Really, is there anything sweeter than ice cream? It starts with milk and sugar as its base. That’s a pretty great starting point. Add in pure chocolate, fresh fruit or a candy crunch and you have a myriad of scrumptious options. Simply put, ice cream is enjoyment on a cone. It cools you down in the dog days of summer. It’s a treat after the big game, win or lose. The varied flavors keep the whole family happy. And I’m convinced that time goes by a little slower when you enjoy ice cream with a friend.

The “nostaglia” part of our motto is what I believe sets Foleys apart from other ice cream places. For two years I searched for authentic vintage pieces for the shoppe so customers will know who we are the minute they walk in the door. The back bar is from a soda shoppe in Pennsylvania, circa 1920. Our green Hamilton-Beach mixer is an original, probably churning out malted milkshakes for kids before a sock-hop in a time gone by. The antique chairs and tables bring you back to the actual feel of the neighborhood gathering spot. Foleys Ice Cream Shoppe is a tip of the hat to simpler times. It is community. It is Americana.

But don’t let Foleys’ vintage vibe lead you to believe we aren’t thoroughly modern as well. On this new website I will post upcoming events and holidays that we will celebrate throughout the year. Read about our allergy-free options and policy. Find us on the map if you’ve never been here before. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram. But most exciting of all? You can now order our ice cream pies through our Online Shoppe! This now includes a create-your-own section where you choose the crust, fudge sauce, ice cream and toppings. Your ice cream pie masterpiece awaits!

Come find out for yourself what sets Foleys Ice Cream Shoppe apart from the others. We think you’ll find your own sweet nostalgia, too.