Small Business Saturday Fun!

Stop by Foleys Ice Cream Shoppe for some Small Business Saturday fun, on November 30, to see what we have to offer for the holiday season.

Come in to sample our homemade bark, both the layered chocolate peanut butter and the white peppermint with a dark chocolate ganache. Check out our display case for your favorite ice cream pie flavor. Order your quarts and pints of ice cream to enjoy over the holidays. If you order your favorites early, it’s one less item to cross of your to-do list. We will have great holiday music playing on the vintage stereo, like Tony Bennett and Etta James.

Please bring in new winter hats and mittens to hang on our Giving Tree, collected by The Sun Will Rise, to help the homeless in our communities. Be sure to enter our raffle contest to win one of three great prizes. The grand prize will be a gift basket full of all the goodies we offer at Foleys Ice Cream Shoppe. As always, we will have gift cards available in any denomination, great for teachers’ gifts and stocking stuffers. A gift card is a promise of a spring day in the middle of a cold winter.

Invite your grandparents, friends, cousins, and your friends’ cousins to join you. Oh, and be sure to grab a cone with your favorite flavor ice cream while you’re here. Remembering to shop local and add to the Small Business Saturday fun will be to the benefit of both of us. Ice cream is a sweet treat for everyone, aged 1 to 101. It’s a celebration, a reward, a quiet moment together as a family among the sports and other activities. We slow down and enjoy the treat and the moment. What better time than the holidays to create and celebrate life’s precious moments.